Introductory word

  • Company MOGET a.s. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) adopts this Code of Ethics as a set of core values and approaches to conducting business in the conduct of its business.
  • The company assigns to its most important tasks maintaining the reputation of the company and the trust of all stakeholders.
  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics by the Company is a moral obligation governing the conduct and conduct of all employees towards the Company, co-employees, customers and other business partners, state administration authorities and the public.
  • The Company carries out all its activities ethically and with good intentions, in strict compliance with all legal standards applicable in the geographical area in which it was established.

Customer relations

  • Honesty and equality towards customers is the basis of a successful and permanent business relationship.
  • The company makes sure that its products comply with the declared quality parameters and requirements contained in national and international standards.
  • The company is aware of the importance of the term accuracy of all deliveries.
  • The Company will not use any means other than legitimate business methods to sell its products.
  • The Company considers corrupt practices of any kind to be inaccessible.
  • Consumer information is to be considered as confidential by the Company.

Relations with suppliers

  • The selection of suppliers is made in accordance with the competition rules.
  • The company does not use means other than legitimate business methods and never uses its market position when buying products, services, etc.
  • The Company considers corrupt practices of any kind to be inaccessible The Company respects all contractual arrangements and payment discipline. The Company considers all information about relations with its suppliers confidential.

Relations with employees

  • The Company bases its relations with its employees on the dignity of every person.
  • The Company recruits and promotes employees on the basis of their ability to perform work without any political, racial, religious or national discrimination, regardless of gender, age, condition, or disability that is not related to the job.
  • The company strives to create a hygienically safe, safe working environment, favorable working conditions for increasing the professional level of employees.
  • The Company ensures regular remuneration of its employees for the work performed, including regular payroll payments within the agreed deadlines.
  • The company does not tolerate sexual, physical or psychological harassment of employees.
  • The company requires employees to adhere to the principles of safe work, observance and use of the established working time fund.
  • The Company requires that, in relation to the Company's properties, employees do not act against the legitimate interests of the employer and properly manage the entrusted funds also in the interest of protecting the employer's properties.
  • Information that employees receive about the Company in the course of their work may not be used for personal gain or for any purpose other than that for which it was intended.
  • The company promotes competition as a basic strategy based on the quality of services offered and price competitiveness. Therefore, disproportionate hosting or gifts to suppliers and customers are strictly prohibited, as is accepting excessive gifts and hosting from customers or suppliers.
  • Negotiation procedures are preferably used in the Company to resolve potential labor disputes between the Company and employees.
  • Relationships with state, local and regional authorities the company also takes into account the interests of the wider social environment, including national and regional interests, in its business activities.
  • The company communicates with government authorities using true company information.
  • The Company ensures proper accounting and timely payment of its financial obligations to state and local authorities.


  • The company has a constant interest in improving of the quality of the environment.
  • The company actively participates in the elimination of the consequences of its business activities and by adjusting of the technological procedures it strives to minimize the environmental impact of the production process.
  • The company informs its surroundings about its environmental program.
  • The company respects the standards set in the field of waste, emissions, etc. in its business activities.

Relations with competition

  • The company acts vigorously but honestly in the competitive struggle.
  • The Company does not damage competitors' reputation.
  • The Company ensures that employees in contact with competitors respect the confidentiality of business information or otherwise confidential information.
  • The Company does not attempt to obtain information about competitors' business in dishonest ways.
  • The Company does not use unrestricted business practices.

Employee Relations with the Company

  • Employees are obliged to protect the Company's properties and ensure its effective use.
  • Unauthorized personal use all kinds of Company's properties is strictly prohibited.
  • Employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of information about that Company or its clients after their employment.
  • Employees are required to provide accurate and complete information to managers, company, company's and independent auditors and all other persons authorized to receive that information.

Compliance and verification of standards

  • Each manager is responsible for communicating of the content of the Code to his or her subordinates.
  • The company has established a system (managed internal directive) in which employees can express their opinion about the behavior of the company or its employees or about the decisions they consider unethical. The management of the company deals with all suggestions and information regarding violations of this Code of Conduct and, if necessary, ensures that appropriate measures are taken.

This model is applied to other entities and employees of the Company.